Marina Azzurra Resort

Marina Azzurra Resort is located in the municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro, on the left bank of the river Tagliamento, about 2 kms away from the outlet which acts as a natural border between the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

The resort expands on a 120,000 m2 surface, just a few steps away from Parco Zoo Punta Verde in Lignano Riviera, and only 2,500 m away from the beach and the city centres of Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione.

Marina Azzurra Resort is an exclusive tourist resort, entirely composed of houseboats, which draws inspiration from Dutch and Canadian floating villages.

At the Marina Azzurra Resort, guests can choose between three types of houseboats:
- the bungalows Garden: set inside the resort in a large green area enriched with native plants
- the houseboats Lagoon: moored along an internal dock with wonderful aquatic plants,
- the houseboats River: moored safely along the banks of the Tagliamento river with access via natural wood docks.

Choosing a houseboat as accommodation does not absolutely mean renouncing the comfort of a modern home.
Quite the contrary, as you may now add the comfort to the peace and quiet of a unique landscape, which makes the perfect setting for your holidays.

Lignano Sabbiadoro, with its 7,000 berths, is considered the largest tourist port area in Italy.
The perfect territory for an ambitious and innovative project that wants to give the opportunity to experience the waters of the Tagliamento River in a completely new way.

The Tagliamento River is considered the last morphologically intact river corridor of the Carnic Alps and is considered an extremely valuable and interesting ecosystem.
The Alpine river is characterised by the peculiar colour of the water, which fades from aquamarine to emerald green shades.
A spectacle to be admired with one's own eyes, from dawn to dusk.


Marina Azzurra Resort is a new, revolutionary project by Europa Tourist Group.
A concept entirely tailored on the landscape of the Upper Adriatic area, which aims to introduce an alternative kind of touristic offer in Italy.
A tourism infrastructure project developed on houseboats, having as its main goal that of encouraging tourists to experience a new kind of vacation, which allows them to discover our territory under a completely new point of view.

Europa Tourist Group’s offer includes both seaside and river tourism, bringing new life to the traditional seaside vacation.
Not only sea and beaches, but also guided tours in the inland, and the possibility to discover places which are impossible to reach simply by car.

“All comforts of a modern resort in an exclusive setting, the only one in Italy.”

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