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Политика качества – Europa Tourist Group – UNI EN ISO 9001

The Management of Europa Tourist Group is aware that the satisfaction of customers and of the market is an essential strategic objective for the success of its company organization and considers it important to involve all the staff of their facilities in this strategic objective with daily and systematic commitment.

To pursue this strategic objective, the Management of Europa Tourist Group has chosen to adopt a modern and efficient quality system, able to plan and control all the processes and activities, taking as reference the requirements of the UNI EN ISO standard 9001: 2015.

The choice of the ISO 9001 certification, obtained in the Europa Tourist Group already in 2001, has been maintained with determination and effectiveness, as testimony of the company commitment to its customers.

Today, Europa Tourist Group is a company with experience, focused on market developments and on the choice of communication and management tools, attentive to risks and emerging opportunities for its business.

The Management of Europa Tourist Group is aware of the role of all its collaborators in achieving excellent results: for this reason it commits itself with a systematic conviction to involve its staff at all levels in the continuous improvement of business activities and processes, ensuring high skills and widespread awareness.

The Management of Europa Tourist Group intends to pursue the following strategies:
• Attention to the customers and commitment to meet their requests and expectations,
• Continuous improvement of facilities and work tools to offer high quality services and environments,
• Continuous information, awareness and further training of staff to improve constantly the customer service,
• Staff involvement in the controlled management of processes and in the development of competence and autonomy,
• Reduction of inefficiencies and costs of non-quality processes,
• Clear definition of improvement objectives and how to achieve them,
• Conscious identification of the critical issues of each process on the basis of factual data and definition of shared actions for improvement,
• Collaboration with suppliers and business partners to ensure compliance with high quality standards of the offered products and services,
• Observing of professional ethical behavior at all levels of the company organization.

The Management of Europa Tourist Group undertakes to take all appropriate measures to implement the mentioned quality policy, sharing its contents with all staff and verifying regularly the effectiveness of the achieved results.

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